About Seattle Humane

Deep roots, broad branches.

Seattle Humane is deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest’s animal welfare history and it has a vision for our future, too. For more than 120 years, Seattle Humane’s programs have helped animals and those who love them – and with the support of the community, 2017 looks to be its best year yet. While Seattle Humane is located in the greater Seattle area, its programs support pets statewide and even helps animals as far away as Hawaii and California. SH’s Life-Saver Rescue Program partners with 81 animal shelters, rescues, and transfer organizations to bring adoptable animals to SH. Every year, six to eight million animals enter shelters nationwide and half of them are euthanized due to skyrocketing animal populations, lack of shelter space, and limited resources to adequately care for them, but SH is working to change that. In the last fiscal year alone, its Life-Saver Rescue Program transferred 4,683 animals to SH from other shelters. This was 462 animals more than the prior year, and with your support, SH hopes to have an even broader reach moving forward.

For decades, Seattle Humane completed its lifesaving work in a building just off of I90. Over the years, the aging structure, which was built in the 1960s, struggled to accommodate the organization’s expanding programs. During power outages, the veterinary staff had to use their cell phone lights to complete surgeries. After the surgeries were completed, the old building lacked the room for the animals to recover, so they had to be placed side by side on gym mats lining the floor. And when the shelter opened its doors each morning to welcome eager adopters, the tiny lobby was often filled to capacity and couldn’t accommodate everyone. The organization needed to increase its capacity to broaden its reach.

Together, Animal People Can.

In 2015, Seattle Humane announced a campaign to help them build a brand-new 57,000-square-foot building, complete with an animal shelter, an adoption center, and a state-of-the-art primary care teaching hospital. This campaign, called Animal People Can, has raised $27.2 million to date and will help fund a first-in-the-region building that’s slated for a late 2017 opening. Seattle Humane has a rich history of advocacy, educational opportunities, and community outreach. Thanks to the support of animal lovers who value the important work that SH does, the organization’s future looks to be even brighter. With this new facility, SH will be able to save more lives and help more animals and animal people form loving families. To learn more about the Animal People Can campaign, visit animalpeoplecan.org.

For more information and current events visit: www.seattlehumane.org

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